Day two, Tuesday 25 September 2018

9:15 am

Registration for the Alternative Legal IT Conference and coffee

The Alternative Legal Management Summit will reconvene for day two and will merge with the first morning of the Alternative Legal IT Conference.

9:45 am

Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks to both the Alternative Legal Management Summit and the Alternative Legal IT Conference


10:00 am

Emerging technologies and professional services: what’s out there, what it can do for you and what you should do about it

A specialist in strategy and innovation, with a particular focus on creative and innovative solutions for professional services, Nigel is one of Twitter’s top 25 AI influencers and an inspirational speaker on the future of technology.  He’ll look at:
- what are the technology trends affecting professional services and how the professions are reacting
- what tech is on the horizon and how it will be used – to drive customer service, foster loyalty or enhance profitability
- how it’s AI plus other technologies that will really be transformative:  AI + VR/AR, AI + IoT, AI + blockchain
- a beginners’ guide to quantum computing: what it is, why it matters and why you don’t need to understand it to accept it and use it
- how mid-market law firms might better exploit the potential of technology now and in the future

Keynote Speaker

10:45 am

How social engineering threatens your firm (and therefore your data, your clients’ data, your reputation and your clients’ reputations) and what you can do about it

Law firms, no matter what size, are repositories of valuable, confidential information and are therefore ideal targets for hackers seeking valuable data.   As a result, it’s increasingly common for clients of even mid-market firms to seek reassurance about how firms protect their data.

As an expert in social engineering – the human element in security – Jenny helps organisations protect themselves from attempts to steal data and personal information.  Known for talking her way into high-security banks and even the Tower of London, Jenny uses her unique mix of skills as a shrewd behavioural scientist, master negotiator and actor to help you protect your firm, your employees and your clients from malicious attacks.

Keynote Speaker

11:30 am

Your right to reply: Managing Partners & IT Directors have their say

Following two eye-opening keynotes examining the most serious threat (security) and the greatest challenge (the pace of technological change) facing mid-market firms today, a Managing Partner and an IT Director will join Nigel Willson and Jenny Radcliffe on stage to pose the questions that most IT Directors and Managing Partners will have for our speakers. We’ll also take questions from the floor and via



11:45 am

Networking break

12:15 pm

The Alternative Legal Management / Legal IT Room 101: Changing partner behaviour to improve productivity

Managing partners and IT directors are closely aligned on the biggest problem facing their firms:  the challenges of changing (equity) partner behaviour to improve productivity.  But while it’s easy to agree on the problem, it’s much more difficult to find a workable solution to what appears to be intractable.

We’ll give two managing partners and two IT directors each the chance to nominate what they see as the number one barrier to changing partner behaviour and improving productivity in the firm – and each will provide a suggested route for overcoming that barrier.  Based on the BBC format, each panellist will propose an issue that, if it were banished to that room of no return, would help mid-market law firms break through the current stasis between business objectives and the priorities of partners.  And they’ll identify a solution that could be the flip-side of that problem.

Using – anonymously - the audience will debate and vote on each proposal before deciding which issue most deserves to go into Room 101 – and which corresponding solution will be the most workable.  What will be banished forever to Room 101?  This is your chance to close help mid-market firms overcome the single biggest obstacle on the journey towards long-term health and profitability.


12:45 pm

Your post-hack recovery plan and what you need to do pre-hack to make sure it works

We all know it’s a matter of when, not if.  And we also know that people are the weakest link in our cyber security chain.  Now, we’ll look at how you should respond in the first 24 hours to mitigate the scale of the theft with this practical guide to dealing with the fall-out from a significant security breach in your firm.  An expert in incident response and digital forensics, Johannes advises on how, at the point of crisis, to respond quickly and effectively to cyber-attacks and data loss incidents.  And what you can then do to pinpoint the perpetrators.


1:15 pm

Networking lunch

This session marks the end of the Alternative Legal Management Summit 2018.  The Alternative Legal IT Conference continues after lunch.


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