Day two, Tuesday 19 September 2017

8:30 am

Breakfast discussions: Collaboration in the mid-tier

Informal discussion groups will focus on potential opportunities for mid-tier law firms to collaborate, allowing Managing Partners and CEOs to meet and discuss collaboration with like-minded firms.

There will be a dedicated, facilitated group discussing collaborative working in each of the following areas:
- risk management
- cyber security
- joint purchasing
- artificial intelligence

Please indicate your interest in a particular discussion group at the Registration Desk during day one.

9:30 am

Registration for the Alternative Legal IT Conference and coffee

10:00 am

Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks to both the Alternative Legal Management Summit and the Alternative Legal IT Conference


10:10 am

Emerging technologies for law: what’s out there, what it can do for you and what you should do about it

- what forces of change is the profession being exposed to and how is it reacting?
- what tech is out there and how is it being used – to drive customer service, foster loyalty or enhance profitability?
- how are developments in AI and cloud computing impacting professional services? What cost-effective solutions are emerging?
- how is the legal profession delivering and rising to the demand it is seeing and how does this impact on a full-service firm? How can you handle competing priorities?
- what overall lessons have been learnt that might help law firms exploit the potential of technology?


  • Derek SouthallDerek Southhall Founder and CEO, Hyperscale Group Ltd and Head of Innovation and Digital - Gowling WLG
11:00 am

The Alternative Legal Management / Legal IT Room 101

We’ll give two managing partners and two IT directors each the chance to nominate what they see as the biggest cause of the communication gap between management and IT.  Based on the BBC format, each panellist will propose an issue that, if it were banished to that room of no return, would help management and IT to work better together.  Will it be that IT projects that are over-promised and under-delivered?  That leadership teams don’t understand what’s needed to sponsor a project to its fruition?  Or that tech vendors promise tailored solutions and but deliver off-the-shelf? 

Using – anonymously - the audience will debate and vote on each proposal before deciding which issue most deserves to go into Room 101.  Which issues will be rejected? And which banished forever to Room 101?  This is your chance to close the communications gap between management and IT.

  • Steve Sumner irector of Information Technology - Taylor Vinters
  • Paul Harker Head of IT - Anthony Collins Solicitors
  • Shaun JardineShaun Jardine CEO & Director of Legal Services - Corporate - Brethertons Solicitors
  • Ian Jeffery Partner and Chief Executive - Lewis Silkin
11:30 am

Networking break

12:00 pm

Real world hacking of your people and your systems – what it can tell you about how to protect your firm

Ethical hackers conduct open source intelligence and red team tests to help organisations understand where they are vulnerable to cyber attacks. This presentation will describe each step of an exercise informed by threat-based scenarios: planning and recon, spear phishing, telephone social engineering, building access, network exploitation and data exfiltration. As the story develops, you will discover how an attacker thinks, why they choose a particular strategy and what you can do to minimise your organisation’s vulnerability to cyber threats. We’ll also consider if client expectations re cyber security and data protection changing.  Are you confident that you know what your clients expect from you?  And that you are able to provide it?


  • Rob Shapland Principal Cyber Security Consultant - First Base Technologies
12:30 pm

Genuinely delivering innovation in your law firm

- how to foster a culture of innovation?
- what approaches can help deliver change at an accelerated pace?
- how to harness creativity and make lawyers an integral part of change?
- how to increase firm-wide participation and buy-in for implementing new ideas?
- best practices and approaches for developing in-house solutions.
- can innovation be a prominent part of your firm’s strategy? What would this take?
- who is best placed to deliver innovation within a law firm? Is there a need for centralised activity in the form of an Innovation Team?


  • Krishna Balthu Organisational Change & Project Manager - Higgs & Sons
  • Glyn Morris Partner and Head of Finance - Higgs & Sons
1:15 pm

Networking lunch

This session marks the end of the Alternative Legal Management Summit 2017.  The Alternative Legal IT Conference continues after lunch.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to present, please contact:

Sarah Katherine Bagshaw

Alternative Events
07701 091 664