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Facilitated round table discussions (B)

Time: 3:50 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Monday 24 September 2018


This series of hosted round table discussions (B1 – B8) will focus entirely on how other firms deal with the challenges you face.  These interactive and informal discussions follow Chatham House rules – giving you the freedom to speak your mind.  Small groups allow everyone to participate and each group feeds back, giving all attendees access to the knowledge pool.  These brainstorming sessions will give insight into your peers’ challenges and provide solutions to your own.

There will be two 40-minute sessions.

B1          Why we gave up trying to get lawyers to think like business people – and what we did instead
We’ll look at how a mid-market firm brought in dedicated business managers for each line of business to work alongside partners in driving the business
Ed Fletcher, Chief Executive, Fletchers Solicitors

B2          No way out?  Exit planning tips for a leadership change
– why you need an exit plan for the good of the business
– how do you know when it’s the right time for a change of leadership?
– what does a successful exit plan look like and what’s a reasonable time frame?
– what happens to the old managing partner when there’s a new one?
Ian Morris, Chairman, EMW Law

B3          Closing the productivity gap
We’ve invested in technology but haven’t seen the expected gains in productivity – why is the sales gap growing and how can we close it? We’ll consider:
– why isn’t fee-earner time feeding through to the bottom line?
– can we re-set priorities re non-chargeable time?
– chargeable hours – target or baseline?
Sarah Perry, Managing Partner, Wright Hassall

B4          Using AI in mid-market legal
As the technology becomes more mainstream, we’ll look at applying AI and machine learning tools to law and challenge the assumption that AI isn’t yet applicable to mid-market firms.
Peter Lee, CEO, Wavelength.law

B5          What has flexible working ever done for us?
Imagine our 8-year-old suffers a very serious orthopaedic injury on a Friday. Turns out that Friday is the day that the top local ortho surgeon works from home/doesn’t work at all. What’s our reaction? Can the hospital deliver a plan B that works? How will our law firm find that plan B for clients, as just saying no to flexible working is never going to work? How do we find that balance between clients who expect 24/7 and our personnel who want a life?
Dinesh Raja, Managing Partner, Bowling & Co Solicitors

B6          A practical discussion of data analytics case studies, delivering a competitive advantage to law firms
Robert Camp, Managing Partner, Stephens Scown

B7          Future-proofing the business with a more agile platform
Edward O’Rourke, CEO & Partner, Ashtons Legal


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