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Facilitated round table discussions (A)

Time: 11:50 am - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Monday 24 September 2018


This series of hosted round table discussions (A1 – A9) will focus entirely on how other firms deal with the challenges you face.  These interactive and informal discussions follow Chatham House rules – giving you the freedom to speak your mind.  Small groups allow everyone to participate and each group feeds back, giving all attendees access to the knowledge pool.  These brainstorming sessions will give insight into your peers’ challenges and provide solutions to your own.

There will be two 40-minute sessions.

A1          Our journey from LLP to a corporate structure and what we learned (and are still learning) along the way
Vember Mortlock, Managing Director, Roythornes

A2          Performance measurement:  Developing KPIs that look beyond billable hours
What gets measured gets done.  But how can you measure the success of those with soft client-focused skills?  How can you pin down the contribution of specific individuals in improving clients’ experiences with your firm?
Alison Morley, Director of Sales & Innovation and former Managing Partner, Capsticks

A3          Remuneration strategies:  How we persuaded equity partners to move to market-level salaries
Amanda Glover, Managing Partner, Baker Law

A4          Succession planning:  what should you be doing now to make sure someone can replace you?
We’ll look at:
– identifying a pipeline of potential candidates – who on earth would want to be a managing partner?
– what management experience do you need in your successor
– tips on coaching and mentoring your replacement
– what do you, the current managing partner, have to offer outside of the firm
– how can you prepare so that the decision to step down is made at the right time
Simon Holdsworth, Managing Partner, Thrings

A5          From client triage to data analytics to predictive modelling – how and why we built our own tech platform and what it’s doing, and will do, for the firm
We couldn’t find the on-boarding tech we wanted, so we built it ourselves.  Then we realised that the client and in-house data we were collecting could identify the drivers of cost and case duration in family law, to the benefit of the firm and our clients.  Now we are building an app that will model cost outcomes for clients before the first consultation.  We’ll talk about how we resourced this technical development in a small firm, our work with IBM Watson on data analytics, how we use the platform and our plans for commercialising it.
Alan Larkin, Director & Head of Innovation & Technology, Family Law Partners 

A6          Data Science – the sexiest topic around?
We are very familiar with the value of data analytics but what about data science? Thorntons Law has employed a data scientist for over a year.  Helen Archibald, COO, will describe how Thorntons has benefitted from this, speak about the insights of data science compared with the inquiry of data analytics, and share a live example which has applied machine learning.  Helen will also explain how Thorntons recruited its data scientist first as a student through Data Labs, a collaboration between industry and universities in Scotland.
Helen Archibald, Chief Operating Officer, Thorntons

A8          Using RPA in mid-market legal – a case study
Edward O’Rourke, CEO & Partner, Ashtons Legal

A9        Business Development in the mid-market – how can we get lawyers to think like business people?
To complete, firms must increasingly act as a business. We will look at:

  • Staff Incentives
  • Training
  • Networking and Speaking engagements

Denis Stevenson, Business Development Director, Rowlinsons Solicitors


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