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Future-proofing the mid-market law firm: our vision, our story, our journey

Time: 9:40 am - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Monday 30 September 2019


There is no blueprint for success in the legal mid-market, but some firms are getting it right. What can you learn from their vision?  Their stories? Their firm’s journey?  Benchmark your firm and your leadership against three leaders from very different legal businesses, looking at how to:
– choose the best business model to bring your business forward
– bring your people along with you
– balance long-term growth with exit strategies
– share value with your firm’s next generation

1. Going corporate – delivering and embedding cultural change with and through your people
Brian Cullen, Group CEO, Jackson Lees

2. People, culture and communication – getting buy-in for growth
Robert Camp, Director of Strategic Innovation & formerly Managing Partner, Stephens Scown

3. Remaining in partnership – unlocking value, succession planning and exit strategies
Fiona Scott, CEO, Plexus Law 


  • Brian CullenBrian Cullen Group CEO - Jackson Lees
  • Robert CampRobert Camp Director of Strategic Innovation - Stephens Scown
  • Fiona Scott CEO - Plexus Law

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