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Group Therapy for Managing Partners – session B

Time: 4:00 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Monday 30 September 2019


This series of hosted round table discussions will focus entirely on how other firms deal with the challenges you face.  Led by your peers, the interactive and informal discussions follow Chatham House rules – giving you the freedom to speak your mind.  Small groups allow everyone to participate.  Restricted to managing partners, these information-sharing sessions will give insight into your peers’ challenges and provide solutions to your own.

There will be two 35-minute sessions.

B1 Dispute funding for mid-market legal
How does third-party litigation funding work? How can it benefit you and your client? What is the cost? How to secure funding? What are the benefits? Are there pitfalls?
Sarah Perry, Managing Partner, Wright Hassall

B2 Moving to a corporate structure – what do you need to know before becoming a limited company?
We’ll look at the mechanics of this change so that you’ll be armed with the information you need to discuss this option with your equity partners.
Hayley Davies, Director & CEO, JCP Solicitors

B3 The traditional hierarchy is “so last year”:  discuss
There is a school of thought that the modern legal business will have less hierarchy, a flatter structure, more collaboration.  If this is the future, we as leaders we need to adapt – do we need a managing partner if our employees can learn to work collaboratively in a flatter structure?
Amanda Glover, Managing Partner, BakerLaw

B4 Getting equity partners to engage with the business as leaders and owners
We’ll put our heads together to look for solutions to the lack of commitment/innovation from equity partners. Can we get them to engage? Or is the solution to find ways to let fee earners develop without equity partners blocking the way?
Edward Whittington, Managing Partner, Moore Blatch

B5 Developing exit strategies that balance the needs of current equity partners while allowing us to build value for the firm’s future
With a lack of appetite from the next generation to invest equity in the firm, what are the exit options? Acquisition, sale, merger?  How can equity partners get out while still transferring value to the next generation?
Simon Holdsworth, Managing Partner, Thrings

B6 How to brand innovation, externally and internally
As more and more firms develop innovation and tech solutions, how they communicate internally and externally is ultimately vital for success. This discussion will shed light the findings and insights from a recent survey of the top 30 UK law firms on how they brand innovation and law tech and will look at some of the practical issues of getting partners on board in a law firm, and the lessons learnt.
Grahame Jones, Founder & Director, Soukias Jones Design


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