• New date and venue announced for 2021!


The Samoan Circle – an Alternative panel discussion: Will collaboration give the legal mid-market a competitive edge?

Time: 5:30 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Monday 30 September 2019


We’ll re-convene for an informal and interactive session using the “Samoan Circle” format.  Set up in the round, delegates will gather around a central circle to eavesdrop on a conversation which will initially be between four law firm leaders about the ongoing formal collaboration between their firms – initiated at year one of this event.

Has joining forces in a formal collaborate enabled these mid-market firms to compete against the biggest players while staying independent and preserving their values and culture? Our panellists will talk about how their venture came about, how it’s structured and funded, and what the benefits have been – both soft and hard.

After the initial discussion, we’ll add a fifth chair to the circle and invite audience members to join in the conversation by entering the “inner discussion circle” and sitting down. This is the chance to have your say about collaborative ventures and their value, or lack of, to mid-sized firms.

The working principles of the Samoan Circle are:

  • Only those in the inner circle may speak, until prompted to retire
  • You can enter the inner circle at any time if you want to join the discussion
  • You must finish your point and leave the inner circle when prompted by the facilitator

The bar is open, Sli.do awaits your questions / comments and we hope you’ll join in the conversation.



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