Alan Larkin

Director & Head of Innovation and Technology

Family Law Partners


Alan Larkin has worked as a family lawyer for over 20 years. During this time he has achieved accredited expert status with Resolution for family finance work and advocacy in children cases at court as well as training to become an accredited collaborative modellawyer.  Alan started a blog in 2011 aimed at litigants in person who could not afford legal advice.  The requests for assistance generated by the website persuaded Alan that digital self-help tools could be part of the answer.  That conviction was strengthened when legal aid in family cases was largely withdrawn and, in the course of his own legal practice, Alan could see the exponential growth in the number of parties at court without legal representation.

Alan created a child maintenance calculator in 2013 designed to promote transparency and communication between co-parents.  It is still widely used today and a second version of that application has been refined as a University of Brighton student final year assessment in 2018.

Alan created and launched a family law triage application called Engage in 2014 and it has been used by nearly 600 clients of Family Law Partners, free of charge, to instruct the firm. The resultant data has been analysed by Alan on the IBM Watson Analytics platform to determine the drivers of cost and case duration for future family law clients.  That novel work has been profiled by IBM in a discrete case study. Alan has spoken at events hosted by the Law Society and Resolution to stimulate digital working and innovation amongst legal practitioners.

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